DJ Green Lantern Featuring Ludacris The Truth Shall Set You free

Usually released before an MC’s new album to generate hype, it may seem counterproductive to release this mix-tape months after the major success of Release Therapy and the Grammy trove it garnered. Well, Truth was in fact released as a harbinger, formally subtitled Pre-Release Therapy. Nevertheless, the reissue is one of the best mix-tapes on the market. Hosted by fictional Reverend Doctor Laviander Clarence William III, the intro refutes any preconceived notion of reverence or politics. This is Luda doing his buck wild thing and getting brolic on 21 freestyles, remixes and brand new bangers. The ’80s generation will revel in "He Man,” which samples the classic cartoon’s theme. It is puzzling why "More, More, More” featuring Jadakiss didn’t appear on a legitimate album, ditto for Scarface collaboration "Gangsta Niggaz,” which finally puts the two Southern strongmen together. Truth ends with an offering from the rare ODB archives; "Coochie Bangin’” makes it apparent just where much of Luda’s style comes from. While there are too many tired songs with tired beats to make this strong enough for LP material, large parts of it are better than the middle children in Luda’s discography. (Green Lantern Inc.)