DJ Format Music for the Mature B-Boy

This Brighton-based DJ has been making noise here and there for years and it’s only now that Format has finally dropped his first full-length album, even though this hip-hop nugget is far too short to satisfy our appetites. Music for the Mature B-Boy is a solid dose of stellar production that falls along the same lines as Ugly Duckling, with emphasis on originality in the beats department and similarly comical MC duties. Though Format is from the UK, there’s large Toronto representation on this record, mainly from Abdominal, who laces three joints and has never sounded better. "Ill Culinary Behaviour” has already made some noise as the lead-off single and tells a witty tale of serving beats for dinner while Abs also kills it on "The Hit Song” and drops grand analogies to making hit singles. If that’s not enough there’s also Chali 2na and Akil from Jurassic 5 hitting up mics on "We Know Something You Don’t Know” where the duo verbally assaults a rather low-key breakbeat that somehow manages to come off stronger than most producers banging cuts. Format also drops some instrumentals that fill out this record nicely and just as things really start to heat up, he leaves you wanting more by closing shop, creating a tight debut with absolutely no filler. Definitely yet another UK hip-hop producer to keep your eyes on. (Genuine)