DJ Dara

From Here To There: A Drum And Bass DJ Mix

BY Venk ChandranPublished May 1, 2000

DJ Dara's self-produced tunes are quite good, but his strength is definitely on the tables. On From Here To There, his track selection is quite unique for a dark drum and bass DJ, and this is an energy laden, out for blood mix. Many DJs opt for the aggressive d&b formula with Bad Company, Andy C and Dillinja tracks these days. It's nice to see a different approach, with only a few drum and bass "hit parade" singles on the compilation. Dara also goes out of his way to pick tracks that represent the most progressive sounds —— DJ Hype's lack of a jump-up bass line in "The Big 3oh," and my personal favourite, "Doorway," by the Usual Suspects. Kenny Ken is also represented bringing his new school flavour. This compilation also contains gems such as "Luminous" by Profound Noize, the razor sound of Biostacis and ends off with the melodic and techno-ish "Rapier," by Fallen Angels. The cuts are tight and he seamlessly blends in tracks. Dara is one of the few DJs that can maintain and create a thematic structure in his music.

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