Dixie's Death Pool

Beauty Sleep

BY Matt MernaghPublished Mar 1, 2000

The studio tomfoolery created by the brothers Hutzulak, and their partner in noise crime Todd Mason, blend elements of the Beta Band with a sneering, disturbed edge. Their mellow found sounds can become clamouring monsters for no other reason than the collective whims it to be that way. These impulses can turn songs in a whole different direction at any time. Finding where one song ends and another begins is rather difficult as they all seem to fuse into one another. The lengthy emptiness at the end of "Fort Bliss" supports the lulling start of "The Sinister Buzz" perfectly. Dixie's Death Pool has almost made an album that follows sleeping patterns. Whether this was intentional or not is hard to say, as the band come across as scatterbrained in their effort to add layers to songs.

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