Dixie's Death Pool 'The Man With Flowering Hands' (album stream)

Dixie's Death Pool 'The Man With Flowering Hands' (album stream)
Vancouver musician Lee Hutzulak has been creating music for 20 years now, and you can stream his latest release with Dixie's Death Pool now at Exclaim.ca. The Man With Flowering Hands is an experimental effort that has been called "an incredibly detailed and immersive sonic journey, twisting like a David Lynch soundtrack, or the more experimental moments of Tom Waits's Bone Machine," a description we feel is pretty apt.

The 12-song LP is a whimsical record that features numerous collaborators including Myths/Mutators' Lief Hall, Stephen Lyons, Shane Krause, Rachel Wadham, Meredith Bates, Toby Carroll, John Mutter, Todd Hutzulak, Michael Priebe, Katie Dey, Frederick Brummer, Coat Cooke, Madoka Hara, Igor Santizo, Russell Scholberg and Kim Stewart.

Grounded by the constant presence of an acoustic guitar, the record also experiments with synthesizers, harps, bells and a xylophone. The eclectic collection of songs is sure to be different than anything you've ever listened to, existing in its own fantasy world.

Listen to a stream of the album below.

Dixie's Death Pool's The Man With Flowering Hands is out November 22 via Drip Audio.