Dither The Man Who Tasted Shapes

Lots of loops and samples enhance this oscillating scratch soundtrack. You will dig Dither absolutely if your taste in white noise is signal processing. It's a pervasive enough genre, often indicated by such evidently abstract titles as "Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal v.2.05" that roughly translates as another circular soundtrack that may return to where you started sooner than you think. While evocative titles like "Javanese Bathysphere" are great poetry, the moody dreamscape of the music conveys a vaguely gamelan aura that ultimately sounds predictable. Ranging from the saturated eruptions of "Angel Trumpet" to the spectral wave forms of "Rippling To and Fluorescent Innuendo," two of Dither's more substantial tracks, most of the musical shapes here taste uniform and pre-digested (Aporia)