2nd Gen

BY Venk ChandranPublished Dec 1, 2000

Disorder is a sub-project of German drum & bass producer Panacea and his friend Problem Child. This is like the harder, angrier and disgruntled bastard children of RAM, Bad Company and to some extent, Mr. Grooverider. This is dark ass drum & bass at the height of a gothic mentality. Tracks like "Loose Control" and "Infinite" pound mercilessly at your ears with mechanical drum and technical sounding samples. Oddly, there's an old school drum sample mentality to some of the tracks, such as "roll over," which mixes in that heavy industrial sound with old school drum & bass loops and voice samples. Although this album is being touted as dance floor friendly, I think it's way too mashed out to dance to. A lot of the music on the album sounds familiar, because the sounds and drum rolls are favoured by the popular dark production of Ram, Bad Company and the others. However, those labels tend to have a more unique sound that you can always recognise. One track, "Cumshot," sounds way too much like Ram for my liking. Dark drum and bass maybe the dominant sound right now, but just in case you felt that the scene was lightening up, come check out Panacea. He needs a hug, seriously.
(Position Chrome)

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