Dismemberment Plan Confirm New Album Rumours

Dismemberment Plan Confirm New Album Rumours
In 2010, long-inactive post-punk group the Dismemberment Plan launched a hefty reunion tour that hasn't really stopped. Of course, as with any reunion tour, the "will they or won't they" new album talk hasn't been far behind.

Earlier this year, the group were filmed playing some new songs live. That was enough to get fans salivating at the prospect of a new album, and frontman Travis Morrison has now confirmed that the band are nearly finished recording it.

"Yes the Plan is working on a new album! Sorry thought this was somewhat public knowledge," he wrote on Twitter, adding, "Plan currently tracking demos of a song that sounds like R2D2 doing 'low rider' at karaoke."

As for an album title, Morrison wrote, "Current front runner for album title is 'The Adventures of Bobby Beverage And Two Shoe Lou.' BIG Jim Croce influence on this one," though he quickly added, "PREVIOUS TWEET NOT TRUE."

Live footage of a new Dismemberment Plan song is available below.