Disgrace True Enemy

Disgrace True Enemy
While metalcore, the fusion of metal and hardcore, took its time to go from All Out War to an all out bore, deathcore's fusion of metalcore with death metal was doomed it from the start; with a very watered-down hardcore base, the majority became diluted death metal.
Disgrace's True Enemy brings the '90s back, to stunning effect. By combining the decade's raw death metal and threatening hardcore, this California crew manage to court the past without sounding dated; rather, they breathe life into the exhumed corpses that had previously been rolling in their graves thanks to poorly executed tributes that lack the mastery or modernization present here.
A testament to the group's hard, core foundation (as opposed to a metal core) rumbles through the pulsing pounding of tracks like "Slave to the Lead God." The fact that a DMIZE cover ("The Dawn") blends into the album so seamlessly only furthers the point.
Death metal sticks its ugly head out through the thick tones and surrounding dark aura, while also maintaining its stranglehold via the occasional blast beat and riffs that are either trem-picked or hammered-on and pulled-off.
Imagine Benediction and Merauder riding a bulldozer and throwing bolts at passersby and you've got an idea of True Enemy's power. (Closed Casket Activities)