Discord of a Forgotten Sketch The Discord of a Forgotten Sketch

Hyperactive, frantic, spastic, awesome, Montreal’s the Discord of a Forgotten Sketch are all that and more on their self-titled five-song EP. Overlooking "Agony 6.66,” an ambient to noise to high-pitched headache-inducing squeal filler track, and the 17-second brevity of "A Satirical One For Aristote,” the Discord offer three careening patchwork tracks that decimate at the speed of sound. Discarding grind flights of fury, minor chord leads rising above the cacophony, jazz noodles and fills, some crushing metallic charges and carnival-style runs at a moment’s notice, the Discord never bore or even settle on a part more than fleetingly. It’s a glorious riot of musical chaos that can be pigeonholed, as much as avant-noise can, in vaguely the same sonic arena as the Daughters with more of a Melt Banana influence. A remarkable offering that demonstrates extreme creativity and ability, the Discord of a Forgotten Sketch are worth remembering. (New Romance For Kids)