Disco Ensemble First Aid Kit

There’s something to be said for bands that know how and when to end a song. Disco Ensemble are not one of those bands. The songs have that Steven Spielberg-like feeling of too many endings tacked on to the end of them. You can tell these guys listen to a lot of music because they’ve copied all the right parts of all the best punk songs but they’re just that: copies. It’s a quality that makes the entire album feel like something you’ve heard before. Some of the songs have a neat, almost funky feel to them and the keyboard is used effectively, but Disco Ensemble frequently suffer from a lack of originality, and often times singer Mikka Koivisto sounds just like the vocalist of the Living End. With the exception of the first track, "This Is My Head Exploding,” the lyrics come off as rather asinine and overly vague. Hopefully, future offerings from this young group will see them finding their own sound. (Fullsteam)