The Dischrod of a Forgotten Sketch Improv Session

Montreal’s spastic noisemakers the Discord of a Forgotten Sketch are getting weirder. While their debut was a Daughters-inspired blast of mathematic screamo, their second full-length was a strange mix of jazz breaks, animalistic vocal acrobatics and a good dose of extreme sonic heaviness. The even more far-out Improv Session is just what the name implies: a long single take of the band letting free their most chromatic tendencies. Comparable to Black Flag's instrumental experimentation with twelve-tone technique, this is aggressive music at its most avant-garde, pushing the boundaries of what kids in camo shorts and flat brim hats are willing to tolerate. The result, however, is compelling. At the hands of more indulgent musicians, this could have turned out very differently, but the band know how to craft a compelling piece of music, filling each movement here with equals parts jazz, grind and all-out noise. (New Romance For Kids)