Dischord to Release Faraquet Anthology

Dischord to Release Faraquet Anthology
Legendary Washington DC label Dischord Records has had a pretty slow year in 2008, but that will all change with the CD, vinyl and digital release of Faraquet’s Anthology 1997-98. Often overlooked, Faraquet were a highly influential DC math rock band that existed from 1997 until 2001, releasing one full-length (2000’s The View From This Tower) and a handful of split releases and singles. Upon breaking up, two of the three members went on to play in Dischord act Medications.

For Anthology, the band have remixed and remastered tracks for an ideal aural experience. According to Dischord, "working on this project rekindled the band-members' interest in playing the songs and the band reunited (minus bass player Jeff Boswell) for a Brazilian tour in 2007 and plan to perform periodically with the full original line-up once the album is released.”

Anthology 1997-98 will be out on July 28. It also marks the first Dischord release to be available directly from the label as a digital download.

Anthology 1997-98 tracklisting:

1. Parakeet
2. Um Die Ecke
3. The Whole Thing Over
4. Call It Sane
5. Study In Movement
6. Yo-Yo
7. Review
8. Rex
9. Conversations
10. Sea Song

Faraquet "Cut Self Not" live in Brazil