Disbelief Spreading the Rage

Five albums in for these Germans and Spreading the Rage is the first time many of us will have heard of them. But it’s time to start ordering up those old albums, because this is one hell of a release. Main driving force in this band is the incredible vocals of one Karsten "Jagger” Jäger, who carries things along with one of the most powerful, primal and sincere sounding screams I’ve heard in a while. The tunes flip-flop around from Floridian death to a more mature melodic sound. So, yeah, it sounds like the Great Deceiver to me too, without all the effects and with more death metal overtones. No complaints except for the long songs on this thing (13 songs in just under an hour); with the intensity levels notched up so high on this, it becomes exhausting after a few songs. But put some time into this one, and songs like "No More Lies” and "To the Sky” will become great anthems to put on in the morning, preparing you to face the day. Disbelief have fused the primal energy of metal with some heart-on-sleeve emoting on Spreading the Rage, with incredible results. (Nuclear Blast)