Dirty Beaches 'Neon Gods of Lost Youth'

Dirty Beaches 'Neon Gods of Lost Youth'
It's been a while since ever-prolific noir-pop performer Dirty Beaches (a.k.a. Alex Zhang Hungtai) delivered his masterful one-two punch of Drifters/Love Is the Devil, but the man is back with a quick collection of rarities to keep us happy until his next album arrives. Dubbed Neon Gods of Lost Youth, the five-song effort is available to purchase now.

The collection gathers material recorded between 2006 and 2012 , with the tracks now tied together via themes of Taiwan. Three of the tracks are previously unreleased, while "Neon Gods & Funeral Strippers" and "廟街" had appeared on a tour-only cassette.

"Musically speaking these are all B-sides that never made the cut on Night City, Badlands, [Drifters/Love Is the Devil], etc, but after a recent visit to Taiwan rekindled the idea of this forgotten, outdated 'imaginary homeland' as I got deeper into reading on the topic of Diaspora," Hungtai explained in a statement.

The set is partially influenced by Taiwanese blockbuster films and is "dedicated to the lost memories of youth and Taiwan."

You can stream it down below or purchase it on Bandcamp.