Dipers How to Plan Successful Parties

All seven tracks on this album have a nice "I don’t give a fuck” vibe flowing through them. The guitars churn out a pleasant level of distortion, giving the songs a hazy, almost sloppy feel, akin to the way the brain feels after a night of heavy drinking. This is not to say that this blurry-headed raucousness is not a fine effort, though. For all the distortion, there is diversity in every song here. "It’s Not Pretty” plays out like a sample of vintage no wave. A couple of tracks later the band jumps into a grainy, haze-filled garage tune with "Space,” which plays out like a long-lost basement demo that’s been collecting dust for decades. The overall effect is not unlike some of today’s garage-inspired bands, such as the Hunches and the Black Lips. For anyone wondering where the noise and naughtiness is in new music, look no further than the Dipers. (Omnibus)