Dinosaur Jr. to Reissue First Three Albums on Vinyl

Dinosaur Jr. to Reissue First Three Albums on Vinyl
Is J Mascis's recent solo acoustic work not giving you the same excitement as the rowdy alt-rock he once penned as the frontman of Dinosaur Jr.? If so, then we've got some good news for you: Dinosaur Jr.'s first three albums are being reissued on vinyl this fall.

On October 4, Jagjaguwar will release Dinosaur (1985), You're Living All Over Me (1987) and Bug (1988). These albums first came out on Homestead and SST, and Merge previously reissued them in 2005.

These reissues are true to the originals, and feature no extra tracks or bonus materials. Despite the lack of B-sides, the prospect of new vinyl versions is sure to inspire plenty of fans to part ways with their cash.

Check out the tracklists of these classic albums below.


1. "Forget the Swan"

2. "Cats In A Bowl"

3. "The Leper"

4. "Does It Float"

5. "Pointless"

6. "Repulsion"

7. "Gargoyle"

8. "Severed Lips"

9. "Mountain Man"

10. "Quest"

You're Living All Over Me:

1. "Little Furry Things"
2. "Kracked"
3. "Sludge Feast"
4. "The Lung"
5. "Raisans"
6. "Tarpit"
7. "In a Jar"
8. "Lose"
9. "Poledo"


1. "Freak Scene"
2. "No Bones"
3. "They Always Come"
4. "Yeah We Know"
5. "Let It Ride"
6. "Pond Song"
7. "Budge"
8. "The Post"
9. "Don't"