Dinosaur Bones "Ice Hotels"

Dinosaur Bones 'Ice Hotels'
TRACK OF THE DAY: Toronto, ON's Dinosaur Bones have made quite a name for themselves on the Southern Ontario live circuit over their two years in existence. But if the band hope to break out of the Ontario scene, they're really going to need to find a way to capture their live sound in the studio, something the quintet weren't able to do on their 2008 debut EP.

Thankfully, the band have remedied the situation with a new seven-inch, out now on Hi-scores Recording Library. Significantly upping the ante from their EP, A-side "Royalty" is a nice, stomping rocker, but it's on the flip-side where the band really shine.

"Ice Hotels" is a slow moving barn-burner that just keeps growing, with feedback floating in and out of the mix while the guitar just kind of strums along. It sounds like an indie rock cover of Sigur Rós. No wonder the band made a nifty video out of old newsreel footage for the track. Check out both songs over at the band's MySpace and order a copy of this limited-run, white vinyl seven-inch here.

Watch the video for "Ice Hotels" by Dinosaur Bones below.