Dinosaur Bones "Sleepsick" (video)

Dinosaur Bones 'Sleepsick' (video)
Your impression of Elvis may get all shook up via the new video for Dinosaur Bones' Shaky Dream single "Sleepsick," in which a mutton-chopped impersonator apparently spends his non-singing time stealing cars.

Early on, we see the fat Elvis-styled figure jimmying himself into a sports car, and heading out on the highways with a young companion with a sack of cash. Following a fried chicken meal, he gets more into character by slapping on a white jumpsuit and sunglasses to mingle with a Vegas Strip crowd.

Later, we see him dole out series of animated karate chops while crooning the words to Dinosaur Bones' single in front of a rowdy bunch at the chapel. It should be noted, none of these people are crying in the chapel.

Feast your eyes on the false king by giving the vid a look down below.