Dim Mak Intercepting Fist

Brutal cover art, alienating band name and stupid album title aside, this sophomore release from ex-Ripping Corpse alumni is a raging exercise in death metal. The band can blast with the best of the genre, but they have a few tricks up their sleeve as well. A smart addition of groove is applied, giving the album an almost NYHC vibe, at times. Dim Mak knows how to create eerie atmospherics while they are grinding away, not unlike Morbid Angel or Nile, and the (sometimes) interesting lyrics add to the ethereal atmosphere not usually found in death metal. The drumming is above average as well, with lots of neat closed hi-hat acrobatics amidst the blasting mayhem, all on drums that don't sound like '80s electronic pads. The production brings it all home just fine and the playing time of 40 minutes seals the deal, leaving the listener satisfied but not burnt out. Totally recommended for death-heads. (Olympic)