Dillinger Escape Plan "Symptom of Terminal Illness"

Dillinger Escape Plan  'Symptom of Terminal Illness'
While Dillinger Escape Plan are getting ready to call it quits, there's still a full album's worth of tech-metal craziness for fans to take in this fall. Ahead of issuing their Dissociation, the on-the-outs unit are streaming the record's "Symptom of Terminal Illness."

The song was premiered though a Revolver podcast, and begins with a brash barrage of atonal noisecore chord work and a sick mosh beat. It quickly escalates into the chaotic cavalcade of riffs and frantic beats the band has become known for, a circus-styled six-string lick somewhat alluding to late '90s entry point "The Mullet Burden." Longtime vocalist Greg Puciato wretches, squeals, and sings like a man possessed on the track's accelerando finale.

You'll find the piece streaming below at the 1:58 mark, while Dissociation will be unleashed in full on October 14 through the quintet's own Party Smasher Inc. and Cooking Vinyl.

UPDATE (09/27): You can now also hear the stand-alone studio version of the track in the player below.