DijahSB Details 'Head Above the Waters,' Shares Two New Songs

Hear the Toronto-based artist team with Harrison on "By Myself" and feature on "Control" from Brazil's niLL

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Feb 19, 2021

If you somehow missed DijahSB's 2020 the Album, you best get caught up, as the Toronto-based artist has now detailed a follow-up effort.

The eight-track Head Above the Waters arrives April 23 and can be previewed today with the Harrison-produced "By Myself," on which Dijah raps, "Step back unless you giving me checks / My life ain't perfect but I live it the best / While still keeping it fresh / I'm as different as different gets / The bars hit you like a kick in the chest  / I don't fumble at all / I just do it for the love of it all." 

"'By Myself' gives you a little bit of insight on what my album Head Above the Waters tries to tackle," they explain in a statement. "I also wanted to slow it down and show people that I'm not always about sh*t that can make you dance; I got bars too. Harrison is like a brother to me and i haven't even met him yet. He really blessed me with a hot ass beat."

Alongside the album news, DijahSB is making waves internationally with a guest verse on "Control" from Brazilian artist niLL.

You can hear them bar up over some bouncy electronics below, where you'll also find the tracklist for Head Above the Waters.

Head Above the Waters:

1. Moving with Tides (ft. Ray HMND)
2. Throw That Back
3. Head Above the Waters
4. Way Too Many Ways
5. Overtime (ft. Chris Castello)
6. By Myself (ft. Harrison)
7. New Harrison
8. Big Waves

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