DIIV's Zachary Cole Smith Criticizes Grimes' Views on Veganism

DIIV's Zachary Cole Smith Criticizes Grimes' Views on Veganism
This week, Grimes wrote a blog post condemning "dogmatic asshole" vegans, one of whom insulted her for taking a "hiatus" from her veganism to eat some Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Now, her views on the issue have attracted criticism from one of her indie pop peers: DIIV frontman Zachary Cole Smith.

Late last night (in the early hours of November 22), Smith tweeted, "grimes' version of veganism is called 'NOT vegan', even if a dairy cow is 'treated ethically' doesn't mean u aren't consuming/exploiting her."

Grimes hasn't responded, at least not publicly, so we're not sure if she considers Smith one of those "dogmatic assholes" for speaking out. Then again, at least he was significantly more polite than the original commenter who raised Grimes' ire; after Smith's original tweet on the subject, he followed it up with a simple, "imo" (in my opinion).

UPDATE: Smith has subsequently added, "i ♥ grimes. just saying if VEGAN = abstaining from meat+dairy, modifying the term to include eating dairy precludes it from meaning anything."

Meanwhile, Grimes has taken down her blog post about veganism, saying that she is trying to stay out of the press while working on new projects. She plans to share the posts again in due course. Grimes offered the following explanation:


fyi i set the veganism posts to private for the time being cuz i saw some websites picking it up.  *** which is actually super cool, u know its nice to be able to say stuff on here and have ppl listen <3***

but that said, it was a casual response 2 smthn and im really in the zone just kinda being private and not doing press right now

so ill put them back up in a bit when i get more work done, but i just want to avoid internet crazyness at this time <3