Digits Announces 'Where Do You Belong?' EP

Digits Announces 'Where Do You Belong?' EP
Toronto electronic pop up-and-comer Digits has been away from Canada for a little while now, but that hasn't slowed his brisk output. When we posted his Death and Desire release a couple of months ago, he was living in London, UK. Now he's residing in Berlin, Germany, and on July 10 will release the EP Where Do You Belong?

The home-recorded EP, which a press release says is "about travelling as a solo musician and not having a permanent home," will be available digitally and on CD, and comes with remixes by Brothertiger and Femminielli. It was also be given away via a curious new distribution model: if you email Digits mastermind Alt Altman with a photo of any new music purchased in the past two months, he will send you a free download of the EP.

Read the Altman's statement about Where Do You Belong? below, and keep scrolling down to check out the tracklist. Download the dreamily danceable title track for free right here.

If you're buying recorded music at least once every two months, then as far as I'm concerned you're doing your part to support music creation -- and it doesn't hurt anyone for you to have more of it for free. Music shouldn't be a commodity, and I think it's silly to claim that we should hold on to an old model where people must pay a precise amount corresponding exactly to each song they listen to or download. Of course artists still deserve to be able to make a living, and an "all music should be free" model doesn't work either. There's got to be a better way to organize all this, and I believe that eventually we'll figure something out that works far better than the old system. But I think the key thing for us to realize is that we're we're all in this together, musicians and fans, and we don't necessarily need middlemen coming between us.

So please, if you've bought someone else's album in the last two months, don't feel obliged to pay for mine. Just e-mail me a photo or screenshot of what you bought, and then I'll e-mail you a download link. You don't need to have any proof that the picture you're sending me is from the last two months. Just please don't lie? My email address is [email protected]

We are all the media now, so if you like my idea, spread the word and maybe others will try it too. Thanks for listening!

Where Do You Belong?:

1. Where Do You Belong?
2. Modern Mess
3. So Cold
4. Eight Long Years
5. Lonely Road
6. Looking for the Cure
7. Always