Digawolf Returns with 'Yellowstone' LP

Digawolf Returns with 'Yellowstone' LP
Just over three years from releasing his Great Northern Man LP, Juno-nominated NWT musician Digawolf (a.k.a. Jesse James Gon) has lifted the curtain on a follow-up effort.

Titled Yellowstone, the effort will arrive February 22. Eleven tracks in length, Yellowstone was recorded with producer Jan de Vroede in Aarhus, Denmark, inside a barn converted to a studio for the occasion. The album's artwork, seen above, comes courtesy of Jennifer Walden.

During sessions last year, Diga told CBC that the record would have a "weird, eerie, very homey vibe." Lyrically, Yellowstone features songs in both English and Tłı̨chǫ and is said to "embrace Diga's poetic sensibilities, describing an unknown world in the midst of modernity."

A first taste of the album can be heard with the title track in the player below.


1. By the Water
2. Broken Bone
3. Yellowstone
4. Elexe (together)
5. Astral Travel
6. Digital Nomad
7. Northern Love Affair
8. Same Fire Burns
9. Written In Stone
10. Enihtl'e Ghaehtoo (teacher)
11. The Undiscovered World