Dierdre One

World music vocalist Dierdre marks her first solo effort since the break up of the internationally recognised world groove ensemble Ekova with a collection of songs written and produced by Dierdre herself. Opting for a more electronic sound, One is a series of multi-layered synths and beats that complement Dierdre’s imaginative and free vocal expressions. Although most of the programming was done by Dierdre herself, she still doesn’t stray too far from the world music influences that drove her old band to such great heights. A smooth blend of Celtic and Middle Eastern melodies and rhythms, this is still a great showcase for Dierdre’s ability to match her voice to any style. There are a few standout tracks, such as the trip-hop influenced, almost ambient cover of the Moody Blues song "Nights in White Satin.” "Maid in Love” is a collaboration with label-mate Karsh Kale on a glitchy drum and bass track. "More Than the Ocean” is an electro-gospel ballad dedicated to Dierdre’s friend, whom she recently lost to cancer. One is a full, orchestrated and very eclectic collection of tracks that helps to display the full range of Dierdre’s powerful voice, as well as her desire to continue experimenting with many different kinds of musical genres. (Six Degrees)