Diemonds In The Rough

Toronto, ON’s Diemonds may be too young to have seen hair metal’s first incarnation or even to have caught the resurgence boat a few years ago but it hasn’t stopped them from carving their own sea-worthy vessel. Snotty L.A.-inspired cock rock that pulls heavily from the likes of early Mötley Crüe and Guns N’ Roses, one wonders if this is the work of a new band or a collection of unreleased songs re-recorded with a female singer. Thankfully it’s the former and Diemonds’ dedication to their craft, coupled with the fact that neither of the aforementioned bigwigs have released anything with this much snot and piss’n’vinegar since their salad days, ensures In The Rough has all of the coarse edges, energy and enthusiasm such music requires to truly stand out. With upbeat rockers featuring plenty of the "Hot For Teacher”-esque rhythm shuffle, ballsy, blues-based solos and singer Priya Danda’s sultry/brash vocal shifting, Diemonds are easily on the right track, making uneven edges cool again. (Independent)