Die Princess Die Lions Eat Lions

Die Princess Die’s second full-length is all over in a staggeringly conclusive 28 minutes. Each of the ten tracks loses itself in unique moments of perverse inversion and solemn realisations. "Check” unravels in a nearly unintelligible flurry, but doesn’t set nearly enough of a precedent of "Nights of the Light,” which plays out with a compellingly violent momentum. Having adopted a dark dance beat this time around, the return of Die Princess Die sees the band still lurking in the sludgy depths of unbreakable noise that was created in their debut, but now it all coincides in a new dynamic. Although the addition of electronics might seem like an unlikely move, Die Princess Die have incorporated this new element in a way that adds sharper edges. It sets a contrast with the band’s penchant for rough, loosened surfaces and makes their established style stand out abruptly against a new backdrop. (Gold Standard Laboratories)