Die Mannequin Slaughter Daughter EP

The second EP from this female-fronted Toronto power trio, Slaughter Daughter proves that leaving ’em wanting more generally means a longer shelf life in the days when bands are discarded before they’re fully ingested. While the "hype darling” catcalls of the music industry have resulted in enviable slots opening for the likes of Guns N’ Roses, Deftones and Billy Talent (guitarist Ian D’Sa and colleague Junior Sanchez handle production duties here), tracks such as "Do It Or Die,” "Saved By Strangers” and a bootleg version of "Open Season” prove that the band aren’t just another collection of undeserving pretty faces. There is some muscle to back up the ego-stroke. Blending the vocal wail of Courtney Love with Joan Jett’s simplistic songwriting and raunchy aesthetic, the band ride the line between cock rock and punk rock with relative ease. Factor in a driving beat that borders on industrial and it’s easy to see how this release will get adolescent hearts fluttering. The implied dirtiness lends just enough grit to the otherwise radio-friendly rock, which feels familiar yet dangerous at the same time. (Warner)