Die Antwoord Reveal Their Big-Screen Ambitions

BY Chris DartPublished Jul 23, 2010

South African electro rap crew Die Antwoord may not have an official album out in North America yet, but that's not stopping them from plotting to turn their sudden Internet fame into a multimedia empire. According to a recent Exclaim! interview with MCs Ninja and Yo-Landi Vi$$er, the band have already planned to release five albums, five movies and then "disappear."

While the new album plans seem to be up in the air, the band have already started plotting their film debut, explaining that the first film has the tentative title of The Answer. Ninja and Vi$$er explain that this first film instalment will chronicle the band's formation.

"We're thinking of Bruce Willis, maybe, as Ninja, and Charlize Theron as me," says Vi$$er.

Adds Ninja, "And Steven Spielberg directing. No, I will be writing and directing it... We just need money, but that's not a problem. Actually, we don't want too much money. Everyone's giving us too much money... We just need a little bit of money, just enough to make [the movie] and keep our finger on the pulse."

However, Ninja and Vi$$er aren't interested in doing a quick and easy straight-to-DVD release. Both of them say that they would like all five planned Die Antwoord films to be released to theatres around the world.

"We want it to be the big picture," says Vi$$er, before Ninja adds: "We want to go to the fucking movies with M&Ms and Coke and popcorn... Why would you go straight to DVD?"

Die Antwoord's debut North American digital EP, 5, is out now on Cherrytree/Interscope.

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