Diana Jones My Remembrance of You

Some records take their time making their impact, but there’s no stopping them once word-of-mouth takes hold. This is one of those; it was barely released in ’06 but has been picked up by Ryko for U.S. and international markets. Winner of the all-important Kerrville New Folk Songwriting Contest, Jones has a vibrant, old-timey voice that kindles old school hill country like few before her, drawing your immediate attention. Her vulnerability is complemented by the simple yet expert accompaniment offered by Duke Levine’s guitar and mandolin, and the simpatico fiddle work of Jay Ungar. Jones’s voice, in fact, has a love affair with both instruments, keeping things simple and straight from the heart. The heart-wrenchingly beautiful "Pony,” a reminiscence about her father, contrasts with the dark mood of "Willow Tree.” All 11 originals breathe with air locked away from the past, possessing a timeless quality. Ranging from the forlorn ("A Hold On Me”) to the tentatively joyful ("All My Money On You”), Jones is in full control of her instrument, and her songwriting is positively haunting. The calming influence of songs such as "Lay Me Down,” "Pretty Girl” and the title track are more than medicinal. It’s little surprise that this record has found new life, as Jones has begun getting the attention she so justly deserves. (NewSongs)