Devonwho Luz

Devonwho Luz
Los Angeles-based producer Devon Fox's second full-length as Devonwho, the hazy and funked-out Luz, will appeal to anyone with wide-ranging taste in electronic music, but particularly to those with an interest in the West Coast/L.A. beat scene, currently fertile ground for exciting left-field production. 
Similar to Body-San's Shining the Money Ball (released earlier this year on Vancouver's 1080p Records), Luz has a woozy, psychedelic vibe that is immediately compelling. Full of laid-back, off-kilter beats and sun-splashed synths, it sounds like some kind of funky dream-sequence from a ToeJam & Earl game. Luz is (mostly) lyric-less G-funk at its laziest and haziest, though particular shout-outs go to the chiptune-infused "Recurringtheme" and early highlight "Alphaloop," with its confidently strutting bass line. 
Many of these bass and synth lines are played live as well, lending the album an inviting personality that more programmatic electronic music often lacks. It's this playful weirdness that really carries the day in the end, allowing Luz to nimbly sidestep accusations of repetition in the process — its lean, 39-minute runtime is helpful in this regard as well. 
Luz is a quick, bright slice of summertime, ideal for top-down cruising and post-club relaxation alike, and for those of us not in sunny L.A., a welcome antidote for the coming cold. (Leaving)