Devo Line Up Reissues of 'Hardcore' Compilations

Devo Line Up Reissues of 'Hardcore' Compilations
Back in the early '90s, post-modern rock deconstructionists Devo scoured their archives to put together their demos-laden Hardcore compilations, and now the Superior Viaduct imprint, along with the band's own Booji Boy Records, will serve up those same songs via some represses.

As Superior Viaduct explains, the original CD versions of Hardcore Vol. 1 and Hardcore Vol. 2 on Rykodisc are long out of print, so they'll be issuing vinyl represses on May 14, with a two-CD package set to arrive sometime later this summer. All editions will be adorned with Moshe Brakha's erotic, foam-breast-utilizing photos.

The collections bring together a series of demos recorded in studios, basements and garages between 1974 and 1977, and the early recordings are described as featuring "rock'n'roll stripped bare of its collective cool and jerked back into propaganda fit for post-modern man."

The first volume includes early takes of later classics "Jocko Homo," "Mongoloid," and their mechanically sexual cover of the Stones' "Satisfaction," along with rarities like "Uglatto."

The second volume, which will be presented as a double-LP set, digs even deeper into the vaults and features raw performances of bubblegum-goof "Goo Goo Itch," the decrepit and detuned swamp-blues of "All Of Us," and more. The tweaked-up set also includes four previously unreleased rarities: "Man from the Past," "Doghouse Doghouse," "Hubert House" and "Shimmy Shake." You can check the out tracklistings for the vinyl sets down below and pre-order the reissues here.

Hardcore Vol. 1.:

1. Mechanical Man
2. Auto Modown
3. Space Girl Blues
4. Social Fools
5. Soo Bawls
6. Satisfaction
7. Jocko Homo
8. Golden Energy
9. Buttered Beauties
10. Midget
11. I'm A Potato
12. Uglatto
13. Stop Look And Listen
14. Ono
15. Mongoloid

Hardcore Vol. 2:

1. Booji Boy's Funeral
2. Can U Take It?
3. Bamboo Bimbo
4. A Plan For U
5. The Rope Song
6. Goo Goo Itch
7. Be Stiff
8. All Of Us
9. Baby Talkin' Bitches
10. I Need A Chick
11. U Got Me Bugged
12. Chango
13. Fraulein
14. Dogs Of Democracy
15. "37"
16. Bottled Up
17. Working In A Coalmine
18. I Been Refused
19. Fountain Of Filth
20. Clockout
21. Let's Go
22. Man From The Past
23. Doghouse Doghouse
24. Hubert House
25. Shimmy Shake