Devo Biopic in the Works

Devo Biopic in the Works
Heads-up Devo-tees: the new wave icons are working on their very own biopic.

In a new interview, Devo co-founder Gerald "Jerry" Casale revealed the band have begun writing the yet-untitled film, which he said will shine a cinematic light on the group's early beginnings and eventual transformation into worldwide "Whip It" superstars.

Speaking to Flavorwire, Casale said: "I'm working on a first draft of the early days of Devo movie with Matt Diehl, a writer for Rolling Stone. It's about Devo in the sad, sad Akron days beginning in 1974.

"It shows the truth, which is stranger than fiction, where, against all odds, and totally whacked-out, this art band goes from being this hopeless joke everyone laughs... to synching up with the new wave and punk movements... It goes all the way through to where we get signed and try to start our first tour and get the deal to go on Saturday Night Live. The movie ends there, although there's a coda or postscript that takes place in 1980 when "Whip It" is a hit, and everyone wants us to write another hit and meet with producers. There's also a prequel including the killings at Kent State. It's the probable journey and struggle to success, but the success is a question mark."

When asked why the band have chosen this particular time period, Casale replied: "Because that's where the important formation of the whole concept turning into a productive reality took place, against all odds and with a lot of conflict and dark humour, and where all the revolutionary aesthetic that we had got created, including our first 10-minute film, The Truth About De-evolution. You're seeing this rogue's gallery of people, the record company executives and New York promoters, and Iggy Pop, David Bowie, Brian Eno, Dean Stockwell, Neil Young and Toni Basil, Richard Branson, Ron Blakely... and it's insane, how it all works."

Casale did not give any possible release date for upcoming Devo biopic, nor did he say who may direct the film. However, Casale did reveal an actor portraying Brian Eno would appear in the film, adding that the band's relationship with the super producer during the recording of Devo's 1978 album Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! was "pretty strange" and that they were on "two different dimensional planes that kind of intersected, but not really."

As previously reported, Devo are currently working on a yet-untitled new album, which will mark their first in 19 years.