Devil's Blood

III: Tabula Rasa or Death and the Seven Pillars

BY Natalie Zina WalschotsPublished Jun 10, 2013

Based in Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, psychedelic doom/occult rock outfit the Devil's Blood announced at the beginning to 2013 that they were dissolving, but plans for a final record had already been set in motion. That swan song is III: Tabula Rasa or Death and the Seven Pillars, which the band openly admit was assembled from pre-production and demoed material, cleaned up as much as possible prior to release. Despite the less-than-ideal recording conditions, the material is strong, with urgent, swelling bass lines and fluid guitar work. There's an oppressive, almost chalky smokiness to the tone, but it serves the material, making it sound even more ominous. Farida Lemouchi's vocal performance is, as always, a highlight, her tone deep and caramel rich, her style emotive and intense. III: Tabula Rasa would be an exceptional occult rock release under most circumstances, but considering that it's a farewell, there's an added sense of poignancy and loss, demonstrating keenly exactly why the Devil's Blood will be missed.
(Metal Blade)

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