Devil Master

Satan Spits on Children of Light

BY Brayden TurennePublished Feb 28, 2019

Lurking in the underground, stirring the loins of blasphemers and provoking the ire of God, Devil Master have swollen in renown like a canker, releasing several EPs before being taken in by Relapse.  This year marks the boiling point of the band's efforts with their debut full-length, Satan Spits on Children of Light.
Taking the sinister aura of Hammer horror films, the quirky nature of surf rock, and tossing it into a vat of punk gnarl, Devil Master straddle the world and ride it gleefully into oblivion through sinful riffs that ring out like laughing imps, drumming that blends d-beat with rockabilly, and catchy grooves that ensnare you into dark lusts.
Made up of a hulking 13 tracks, Devil Master fearlessly plumb the recesses of imagination, both youthful and deformed, to avoid filler almost entirely. Of course, songs like "Nightmares in the Human Collapse" and "Desperate Shadow," among others, linger for longer in the mind than others; Satan Spits on Children of Light is a wellspring of great songs that both spark rage and tempt debauchery in the listener.
There is an uncommon glee in Devil Masterʼs sound that contrasts with the vitriol of their metal contemporaries. Much like '70s LaVey-ish Satanic practice, there is a tongue-in-cheek awareness to the music that is endlessly endearing, and even makes the macabre element so much more enjoyable than if it were to take itself too seriously.
Devil Master offer a welcome divergence from the majority of current metal, and remind us that, even in Satanʼs domain, itʼs okay to have some fun.

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