Devendra Banhart Working on Tracks with GZA

Devendra Banhart Working on Tracks with GZA
He either has some very hip PR people, or Wu-Tang rapper GZA is himself a huge indie rock fan. Besides his recent Black Lips collaboration, rumours have been flying around that the rapper is working on new tracks with a whole slew of artists.

The latest to come into the fold is freak folk troubadour Devendra Banhart, who has revealed that he's done some work with the MC. In an interview with Paste, Banhart he confirmed the project with GZA and said it's coming down the pipes.

The two met recently when Banhart was playing at Coachella. As Banhart explained, "Lo and behold, I looked on the sidelines and there was GZA. I was stunned. So we hung out and talked - we talked about atomic energy and how the sun is powered. We talked about dark matter. Then I sent him my catalogue. And he said, 'Hey man, will you write some stuff? Let's write together.'"

Banhart then delved into their working relationship, saying, "[GZA] has shared his new writing with me and I've sent a couple sketches. With his new work I can tailor the sketches I already had. We're at the beginning stages."

Whether or not this will get released as an album is unsure, but Banhart joins King Khan and Fucked Up as alleged GZA collaborators, so maybe some sort of insane compilation is in the works.