Devendra Banhart to Release Visual Art Book

Devendra Banhart to Release Visual Art Book
Bearded freak folkie Devendra Banhart is always dabbling in something. Before he releases a follow-up to 2013's Mala, he's releasing two art books.

The first book of the two has the ridiculously cringe-worthy title of I Left My Noodle on Ramen Street and collects Banhart's drawings, paintings and mixed media from the last decade.

An official write-up from publisher Prestel Books claims that "this book reveals that his visual creations are as sophisticated as his music, and worthy of attention," adding that it's "a multi-dimensional portrait of a talented artist and an exciting glimpse into his creative process."

I Left My Noodle on Ramen Street will arrive on June 10. This follows Unburdened by Meaning, a recent collaboration with Adam Tullie that was just released by Anteism.

For more Banhart, the artist recently shared an eight-minute film documenting his South American tour. You can watch it in full below.