Destiny The Tracy Chapter

Continuing their tradition of bringing kind of quality hardcore bands to the masses, Lifeforce Records offers up this sophomore release from Destiny. And although it’s hard to not let the usual metalcore ennui kick in during some of this, the band has a lot of potential. And considering most metalcore isn’t even worth writing about these days, Destiny are already one step above their peers on the ladder to wherever these bands want to go (some crappy U.S. hardcore label, perhaps?). Destiny’s main quality lies in their willingness to bring in melodies and clean singing, such as in the excellent "Passing Moments” and "Your Diary.” The heavier material sits on the fence a lot of the time; when it’s not making you wonder if you’ve heard it a zillion times before, it’s whooping your ass all over the place. More metallic hardcore than metalcore, for those splitting hairs at home, Destiny have what it takes to stand way above their peers, and for about half of this album, they do. Give ’em some time to come into their own a bit more, and they’ll be damn good. (Lifeforce)