Desaparecidos "Anonymous" / "The Left Is Right"

Desaparecidos 'Anonymous' / 'The Left Is Right'
Following up last year's "MariKKKopa"/"Backsell" single, reunited emo-punks Desaparecidos are ready to deliver another two politically charged tracks for an upcoming 7-inch single.

"Anonymous" is a wiry post-punk cut delivered in 3/4 time that has vocalist Conor Oberst toasting the celebrated/notorious hacking group of the same name. While he cries that the odd laptop may get seized every now and again, the cause continues ("You can't stop us, we are Anonymous / Expect us, we are Anonymous").

"The Left Is Right," meanwhile, is even more anthemic, with soaring guitars and keyboards supporting Oberst's ode to the 99 Percenters of the Occupy movement.

While you can stream the songs down below courtesy of Rolling Stone, you can nab both tracks on a self-released 7-inch on March 12.