Deradoorian "Komodo"

Deradoorian 'Komodo'
The previews behind Angel Deradoorian's next Deradoorian LP, The Expanding Flower Planet , have been consciousness-expanding, to say the least. Following psychedelic dance track "The Eye," the artist is now streaming a more tranquil, meditative piece called "Komodo."

As you'll hear down below, the track features soothing dulcimer tones, a steady kick drum and various morphing electronic rhythms. Though pleasant, Deradoorian's octave-jumping harmonies offer a few sinister glimpses at the tune's theme ("run for your lives/run for the hills/don't close your eyes"). The piece closes out with a complicated keyboard run.

You can check out the track down below, while the rest of Deradoorian's The Expanding Flower Planet opens up lands August 21 via Anticon.