d'Eon Returns with New Album

d'Eon Returns with New Album
Last year, Montreal's d'Eon issued a split LP with Grimes called Darkbloom, and like his buddy, the electronic musician will follow their shared effort with a new album of his own. The 14-song album, simply titled LP, arrives via Hippos in Tanks on June 5.

Sound samples have yet been released, but judging by his previous work, which blends "pared-down instrumentals with big moves and his soothing vocal melodies," chances are good that the record will work off d'Eon's airy and experimental, R&B-inspired template.

You can see the artwork for LP above and the tracklist below.

Thanks to FACT for the tip.


1. Annunciation

2. Now You Do

3. Virgin Body

4. Transparency pt. II

5. My iPhone Tracks My Every Move

6. Signals Intelligence

7. Gabriel pt. I

8. Century By Century

9. Gabriel pt. II

10. I Don't Want To Know

11. I Look Into The Internet

12. Chastisement

13. Transparency pt. IV

14. Al-Qiyamah