d'Eon "Al-Qiyamah"

d'Eon 'Al-Qiyamah'
After a collaboration with Grimes last year, d'Eon is building on a reputation for creating dreamy electronic melodies with "Al-Qiyamah," an epic new teaser track from his upcoming Hippos In Tanks full-length.

The Montreal-based producer will drop his new album, the aptly named LP, on June 5, and the first sample from the record combines eight minutes' worth of synthetic chirping and danceable beats, with both Christian and Muslim imagery.

Via FADER, you can stream and/or download "Al-Qiyamah" below.

Also, you'd be wise to grab d'Eon's pair of recenlty released freebies, Music for Keyboards Vol. 1 and Music for Keyboards Vol. 2, the latter of which is an entire album of slow-brooding electronic pieces inspired by Blink-182's "What's My Age Again."