Demon Hunter Demon Hunter

Now this is how nu metal should be done. Don't let that scare you off though, as Demon Hunter is essentially a hardcore/metal act, they just know how to utilise clean singing, aggressive bouncing and catchy grooves in a way that evokes negative connotations but actually does kick a bit of ass. Not quite up to the levels of their Solid State peers (Norma Jean, Zao, Living Sacrifice), Demon Hunter aren't really trying anyway, as eschewing the regular Solid State sound and going for something different is the task at hand here. It occasionally gets repetitive, but there's a power behind these songs and a smart songwriting sensibility that keeps things interesting. However, the melodic vocals are the band's strong point, especially on the excellent and epic "The Gauntlet." Best for the teen angst-types looking for something more genuine than whatever the mainstream is pumping out, Demon Hunter will be a good stepping stone to get kids into more underground tunes. (Solid State)