Delusions of Grandeur The Crooked Proper EP

Delusions of Grandeur’s debut EP, The Crooked Proper is generally a nice little slice of distorted schizophrenia. The album’s four songs share a similar core, but branch out drastically from one and other. From the electro-fuzz opening of "Verbatim Moonshine” (the album’s best track), to the downward bouncing lounge of "Mother,” the band pull off their experimentation with fairly good results. They can’t help but draw comparisons to Hawksley Workman though, whom Delusions’ vocalist Shane sounds actionably similar to on both "Where is Michael” and "Mother.” Despite this, Crooked Proper shows definite potential for the band. With some more work developing their songwriting and a couple of listenings to the Cooper Temple Clause’s See This Through and Leave, the band could easily start to develop some really ear-turning music. (Independent)