Delta Spirit Ready New Waits Room EP

Delta Spirit Ready New <i>Waits Room</i> EP
It's only been a couple of months since classy folk-and-blues-minded rockers Delta Spirit dropped their sophomore disc History From Below, but the group are ready to give fans some more goods via the new EP Waits Room. Though their recent studio set featured some heart-rending moments of melodic rock, the live-off-the-floor vibe of Waits Room, recorded at Prairie Sun Studios in Cotati, CA, sound like it could be a more ramshackle affair.

Vocalist Marr Vasquez, for instance, trades his softened croon for a grizzled bluesman howl on the outfit's rowdy, Rhodes-organ driven take on classic Americana folk tune "John Henry," which is currently streaming on their MySpace page. Though the track finds Vasquez screaming about the steel-drivin' man, acoustic takes on History From Below cuts "Bushwick Blues" and "Devil Knows Your Dead" suggest Delta Spirit can take things down a notch as well.

A post on the group's blog explains that you can purchase Waits Room November 16 as either an iTunes download or as a limited-edition twelve-inch record. There are only 300 of these bad boys floating around, however, so you might need to act fast on that vinyl.

Waits Room EP:

1. "The Flood"
2. "Bushwick Blues" (Acoustic)
3. "Devil Knows You're Dead" (Acoustic)
4. "John Henry"
5. "My Dream"