Deftones Deftones

In a rock world of musical followers, Deftones have always proved themselves to be doers. Their debut and sophomore releases captured the raw and genuine sound that inspired bands like Incubus and Glassjaw to push the boundaries of hard rock. Even when major label types threatened them with a "nu-metal” tag, the band raised their game and released the magnificent White Pony record. With their feet firmly planted as front-runners in the hard rock genre, the Deftones strike a mellower Robert Smith-like chord with their latest self-titled release. The record is a far cry from their brutally heavy days of "7 Words”; instead the record captures the sombre and minor chord-stricken melodies of "Be Quiet and Drive.” A major highlight of the record is that singer Chino Moreno’s brilliant voice and singing style are emphasised; his voice is like a hazy cloud that looms over the distortion-based guitar melodies. The band also experiments with some of the beats and loops that made an appearance on White Pony on "Lucky You,” a track that could have easily appeared on Depeche Mode’s Music For The Masses. "Bloody Cape” is a classic gloomy and heavy Deftones track, while "Anniversary of an Uninteresting Event” is a piano-based masterpiece. The first single, the brilliantly tragic "Minerva,” is a good indication of the rest of the record, and a clear sign that the Deftones have released yet another album that is sure to change the face of hard rock. (Maverick)