Deer Tick Unveil 'Divine Providence'

Deer Tick Unveil 'Divine Providence'
Over the course of the last five years, Rhode Island rockers Deer Tick have unleashed an onslaught of full-length efforts that have had critics praising their rootsy approach. Despite the acclaim, the band know there's more to their sound then reviewers have led the public to believe, explaining their newly announced, high-energy affair, Divine Providence.

The press release for the disc, which sees release October 25 on Partisan Records, is said to juice things up with "break-neck speed and damn-it-all fury," as the band wanted to approach things as energized as they do on stage.

UPDATE: In Canada, Dine Alone will release the album digitally on October 25 and physically on November 8.

"After so many years of critics praising [and making fun of] us for our 'folk' and 'country' sounds, and hardly ever mentioning the fact that we've also recorded virtually dozens of other kinds of music, we wanted to make a record that was truer to our live set: raw, loud, heartfelt, and completely uninterested in whatever the hell the rest of the music industry is up to," singer John McCauley said in a statement. "The results are unlike anything you've heard on a Deer Tick album."

He continued, "Man, you can practically smell the sweat and the beer! Shit, you may even hear a guitar or two break somewhere in there! It's got a little Exile, it's got a little In Utero, it's got a little Nilsson Schmilsson, but it's 100 percent Deer-Fucking-Tick in our purest, and most carefree form."

Despite being their fourth album in five years, the record finds the band doing a few things for the first time. For one, it is the first album that they've recorded in their home state. Also, the recording marks the first time either guitarist Ian O'Neil or drummer Dennis Ryan took a crack at singing lead.

While the band may be pumping up the album as a reckless representation of their live show, you can check out the laid-back first single "Miss K." here for the price of an email.

Divine Providence:

1. "The Bump"
2. "Funny Word"
3. "Let's All Go to the Bar"
4. "Clownin' Around"
5. "Main Street"
6. "Chevy Express"
7. "Something to Brag About"
8. "Walkin Out the Door"
9. "Make Believe"
10. "Now It's Your Turn"
11. "Electric"
12. "Miss K."