The Deep Dark Woods Hang Me Oh Hang Me

Born out of Saskatchewan’s cold, gloomy winters, Hang Me Oh Hang Me is the sophomore album from Saskatoon’s the Deep Dark Woods. The record was bred with an escape from boredom in mind, capturing cheery rhythms and fireplace gatherings in songs like "Hang Me, Oh Hang Me” and "Rumble In The Sky.” The Deep Dark Woods also draw inspiration from road trips to the Southern states ("Shores Of Alabama”) and the sad condition of today’s popular music ("They Won’t Last Long”) but more than anything, the alt-country quartet find a way to bottle the open stretches of snow covered fields and chilly night skies. Tom Waits-type vocals seep through the sauntering pace of "Redwood Forest,” conjuring up images of a familiar place transformed by the weather, while "By The Light Of The Moon” takes on a jazzy, psychedelic sound that mirrors wandering and loneliness. There’s not one mood or sensation that’s not included in the record and for that reason, Hang Me Oh Hang Me is an album that can be experienced by anyone, even if they’ve never lived on the prairies. (Black Hen)