Dedication Youth Murder Anthems

The Dedication are not a band that will dazzle a listener with complicated technical runs, dizzying metallic passages or dynamic aggressive dexterity, they are a band that simply overwhelms the listener with their unbridled emotion and unrestrained delivery, which bleeds through every facet of Youth Murder Anthems. From the music to the vocals to the artwork to the lyrics, the Dedication staple their collective musical heart to their sleeve and challenge you to look away. In much the same way as hardcore innovators Black Flag or Minor Threat, the Dedication's musical proficiency is occasionally sacrificed for musical aggression that is simplistic, barely reigned in and dynamic, coupled with vocals that consistently verge on blowing out singer Rich Perusi's throat. While firmly rooted in a specific sound and style of '80s hardcore, the Dedication aren't as beholden to that sound as many of their contemporaries, nor as typical lyrically or visually, incorporating a noisier metallic approach that balances out their familiar sonic base before it becomes too familiar, and showing a glimpse of the Dedication's musical potential. Standout tracks on this six-song EP released by the mighty Deathwish Inc. are "Terrible Beauty," with its slightly more metallic slant and "...of You," whose anthemic intro and scream-along choruses elevate its emotional impact. With Youth Murder Anthems, the Dedication offers an incredibly emotional take on a tried and tested sound while interjecting current aggressive sensibilities, making for one incredibly honest and hostile EP. (Deathwish Inc.)